Cleveland Website Design

Cleveland Website Design From Searl Media

You are about to discover something you never thought existed. A website design company that cares about your success as much as you do and will back that up with the development work we do. A team effort that will use the best possible technology to ensure your Cleveland website design is ready for the future, and not outdated by the time it launches. 

We are not the cheapest or the most affordable web developers in the Cleveland area. We are the partner that will walk side by side with you to help you create the best Cleveland website design possible. We’ll help you rank higher in search engines, create a responsive website, and follow all of that up with proven marketing strategies that deliver results.

Our website development company can also help with your graphic design, building out e-commerce websites, and bringing potential customers through your virtual front door. You know how critical internet marketing is in 2019 and our custom websites will help your search engine optimization efforts as you compete in an online world full of other business owners.

Searl Media is located right here in Cleveland, Ohio. We’re a web design company that puts on many different hats depending on how we are needed, including that of a full-service marketing agency. You might call us digital marketers, social media consultants, or just a forward-thinking small business like yours that provide web design and development services for your Cleveland business.

Here are some of the things we do differently with our Cleveland website design:

  • Unlimited Pages. Unlimited Revisions. Unlimited Storage.
  • Responsive Design. Mobile Friendly. Built for Speed.
  • Photo Galleries. Contact Forms. Website Analytics.
  • Social Sharing.Cloud Storage. Multiple Backups.
  • Content Delivery Networks.Customized Dashboard.
  • Training Videos. Dedicated Support. Domain Registration.
  • Professional Email Addresses.Security Checks. Performance Checks.
  • Uptime Monitoring.Weekly Reports that show you everything that changed.

Why does any of the above make a difference to you? Because it allows you to have a small business or e-commerce website that you dreamed about. You don’t need to compromise with a template that is mediocre or by removing an extra page you wanted to cut costs.

Don’t forget website analytics either. Many companies will send a one-page report that tells you how many visitors you received last month. What about data on whose those visitors are, how they engaged with your website, where they came from, or if they purchased your product?

How often have you called the person or company who developed your website only to find that they don’t return your phone call for days or weeks? When they do, the first thing they mention is that the maintenance or changes you want will require more hours and another invoice. You won’t ever run into that problem at Searl Media, because everything is included in a single price.

We didn’t even have time to cover the one-to-one phone conversations we’ll have any time you want to discuss your custom website design, marketing strategies, social media, or really anything you are currently trying to find answers to in Cleveland, Ohio. We’re here for you.

The easiest way to separate us from our competition is to understand how we price our Cleveland website design services. Almost everyone else charges a large one-time payment and then follows that up with separate charges for hosting, maintenance, extra pages, or anything else you need.

We use a retainer-based model. It’s like hiring a website developer as an employee who is available whenever you need them and will never try to send another invoice for extra work. Why do we price our Cleveland website design services like this? Because we think it’s better for you. 

Plus, we bundle a number of our other marketing services into one package. This means that you not only get an expert team of web designers working with you, but you get everything else that goes into creating a perfect online presence. There might not be a better way.

Basic Website Design

Affordable Entry Point
$ 500
  • Premium website design and development.
  • Free Hosting and Maintenance. Unlimited pages.
  • Includes Reputation Marketing Software
  • Includes Social Media Marketing Software

Standard Website Design

Review Responses / Social Posting
$ 750
  • Premium website design and development.
  • Free Hosting and Maintenance. Unlimited pages.
  • Includes Review Responses For Small/Medium Parks
  • Includes Basic Social Posting (2x per week)

Advanced Website Design

Our Premium Package
$ 900
  • Premium website design and development.
  • Free Hosting and Maintenance. Unlimited pages.
  • Review Responses (Small/Medium) / Basic Social Posting
  • Citations Package / Call Tracking Bundle